Effect of ethnicity in nigeria

Over the past few years thousands of people have been killed in ethnic clashes. Unless the working class can offer a way out, Nigeria could be dragged into a bloodbath of barbaric proportions.

Effect of ethnicity in nigeria

Sarkin Yakin Keffi, Executive Governor of Nasarawa State God, in His infinite wisdom, made our dear country a rainbow collection of tribes and tongues. The rainbow in the sky is a thing of beauty.

Effect of ethnicity in nigeria

But we seem blind to the beauty in our rainbow collection of tribes and tongues. Instead, we find mutual suspicion, hate and fear in other tongues and tribes.

Effect of ethnicity in nigeria

Consequently, several parts of our country are today convulsed in inter and intra-ethnic conflicts leading to loss of lives as well as the destruction of private and public property.

The gun is beginning to rule and ruin our country. This inexorable march to perdition must be halted. We must halt it. We have taken the first step towards halting this unwanted march with our gathering at this forum. The solution to every human problem begins with a gathering of this nature provided the participants resist the temptation to turn it into an academic talk shop.

We too must resist that temptation. The matter before us is too urgent and too serious to permit the luxury of academic hair-splitting. We can find the instrument to forge a binding bond of unity from our diversity in tribes and tongues in our heads and in our hearts.

We must find that instrument. It is a self-evident truth that unless we forge this bond of unity and urgently too, we will continue to dissipate our energy and waste valuable resources in containing eruptions of mutual hate among our people.

Our nation cannot progress with its feet firmly stuck in the molten lead of retrogression. Our collective challenge, as leaders of our people, is to set our nation free from its continued self-victimization. The government and people of Nasarawa State, most sincerely welcome this effort.

We fully identify ourselves with it because our poor, struggling state and its people are victims of ethnic conflicts. Perhaps, more than most people, we desire an urgent solution to them. We thank President Olusegun Obasanjo for initiating this forum.

It is our sincere hope that our discussions will be free, fair, honest and constructive. Above all, we must seek to offer pragmatic solutions to the problems of ethnic conflicts in our country. We must address these problems in a spirit of mutual accommodation if we are to avert a greater calamity in our country.

The history of human conflicts shows clearly that wars often begin from minor personal, sectional, economic, political, social and even religious disagreements.

No one must pretend to be indifferent to what is happening in our country. Let those states which have not had these convulsions delude themselves into believing that they are immune to them.

Ethnicity in Nigeria

These crises cast a long shadow over the nation. No part of Nigeria can consider itself safe when other parts are burning. The threat of anarchy in any part of our country is the threat of anarchy in the entire nation. Our nation can develop meaningfully and nurture its democracy only in a peaceful atmosphere in which respect for human lives and property is a fundamental article of our national faith.

Ethnicity & Tribalism

We believe we are all committed to the sustenance of democracy in our country. We believe we are all committed to moving Nigeria forward in peace and not in pieces. We believe that working together we can turn the tide against the anarchists and rescue our nation from the brink of self-destruction.

We make our contribution at this forum in the fervent hope that it will assist us in our obviously arduous and unenviable task of finding a meaningful and lasting solution to the frequent inter- and intra-ethnic conflicts not just in the North-Central zone but throughout the country.

We would wish to proceed with our discussion from what we have experienced in the North-Central geo-political zone to give you a feel of how far inter and intra-ethnic hatred and intolerance have convulsed our community and retarded its progress.

We begin with a general introduction and proceed to the nature and the causes of these conflicts with a brief history of the zone. The second part of the presentation deals with the larger Nigerian society.the phenomenon of ethnicity in Nigeria, arguably one of the world’s most ethnically diverse countries.

From an overview of the literature, this paper argues that while these perspectives have benefited from debates on ethnicity worldwide, Nigerian. Poverty is at the root of some of the ethnic crises Nigeria faces.

In this address to participants at the Presidential Retreat on Peace and Conflict Resolution, held in Kuru, Jos, Governor Abdullahi Adamu advocates the economic empowerment of disadvantaged Nigerians to halt their manipulation by unscrupulous politicians and other powerful individuals.

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Ethnicity in Nigeria