Essay about can pain and suffering be of any value

No pain no gain' may appear to be a contradictory statement.

Essay about can pain and suffering be of any value

The Value of Suffering and the Importance of Suffering Thresholds Posted on by Wrisley In an earlier essay I raised some questions about the value of sufferingespecially the default assumption that suffering is to be avoided and brought to a quick end when it does occur.

Essay about can pain and suffering be of any value

For example, in the Gay ScienceNietzsche writes: Part of Section There is the suffering that comes from great physical pain, e. There is the suffering that comes from psychological ailments such as depression, anxiety, etc.

And poetry and music and love and family and friends and…

There is the suffering that comes from loss, e. There is the suffering that comes from engaging in a challenge, either chosen or forced upon one, e. This is certainly not an exhaustive catalogue.

But it will suffice for our purposes to keep these examples in mind. Suffering can be educational in many ways. But clearly not all cases of suffering will be valuable in this way, nor in the same way to all. Given this, the claim I am making is that the necessity of suffering does not imply that all suffering is necessary.

What makes the difference? I want to suggest that there is a suffering threshold past which the instrumental value of suffering is outweighed, or simply negated, by some other negative value, e. Presumably the nature of a person, her constitution, character, goals, beliefs, and opportunities, support network, friends, etc.

Thus, a starving, destitute third world child may have a low suffering threshold in comparison to a first world adult. The suffering she endures fails to be of value.

Learn about this key component of damages, and the factors that go into its calculation.

It cannot be utilized for personal growth. From this, we might propose that the question of helping others who are suffering becomes a matter of identifying their suffering threshold and not letting them go past it.

This is, of course, a difficult and risky matter, and such difficulties rightly prompt us to err on the side of caution. But what else are we to do? Once again, epistemological issues cloud everything.

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As I am wont to suggest, let us leave those worries aside for now. Here, perhaps, are some ways: And they also point to an interesting distinction. There appears to be physical and mental aspects of the threshold, though they are interdependent to be sure.

The health of the body influences the strength of the mind, what one thinks one can handle.

Essay about can pain and suffering be of any value

Think of the headaches and nausea that can come from anxiety. If that is right, and if suffering really has unique value, then that gives us reason to consider an imperative: Perhaps a person is in circumstances in which her threshold is low and where those circumstances make it impractical for it to be raised any higher without crossing the threshold, since the ways to raise it all involve pain and suffering.Suffering can be described as an experience that involves physical and mental pain resulting from a sense of loss, disturbance, or a general feeling of powerlessness surrounding a series of events.

When stricken with pain we ultimately look to religion and ask if this is /5(11). Suffering in Life Freedom from Suffering. Life on earth is the perfect University for Enlightenment (read The Magical Gate to the Best School for Enlightenment), and to help us realize the perfection of the moment and our perfect, divine nature, life often has to use pain and suffering as a is simply because it is so easy to go through life on autopilot, asleep to the reality of the.

One way in which suffering could be instrumentally valuable would be when enduring it allows one certain insights and the knowledge of one’s own strengths.

Suffering can be educational in many ways.

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It can, for example, pull one away from much of the nonsense that makes up daily life, focusing one’s attention on things of truer value. He believed that physical suffering purified the soul. Even today, many Jain believers always keep a cloth tied on their mouths so that they may not unknowingly consume bacteria found in the air.

This may be an extreme case of practising self-denial. But it does underline the value attached to suffering by the Jains. Pain and Suffering The argument that is being disputed deals whether pain and suffering is truly evil or a necessary discomfort in order to achieve a greater relationship with our creator.

There are three misconceptions that are used to argue that there cannot be a loving God. The meaning I associate with suffering is an uncomfortable state for an amount of time. This is not the text book definition the real definition is To feel pain or distress; sustain loss, injury, harm, or punishment.

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