Research paper on renewable energy resources

Energy Conservation Introduction Energy conservation is very important in to not only the community but also the world. An average savings of up to forty percent can be achieved though a properly implemented energy conservation plan Renewable vs. Nonrenewable Resources Renewable energy sources are sources that are self-sustaining. Nonrenewable energy sources are commonly called fossil fuels.

Research paper on renewable energy resources

Download PDF Abstract There is an urgent need for transition from existing fossil fuel based energy systems to one based on renewable resources to decrease reliance on depleting reserves of fossil fuels with the objective to assess whether India can sustain its growth and its society with renewable resources.

This paper gives an overview of the renewable energies in India while evaluating the current status, major achievements and future aspects of renewable energy in India.

Rapid urbanization and improving standards of living for millions of Indian households, the demand is likely to grow significantly. In order to sustain the production, industries have opted for inefficient diesel-fuelled backup power.

The domestic power demand of India was billion units in It is expected that at 9. At this pace, India will require GW in the next eight years which is almost double its current installed capacity of gigawatts GW.

There is growing energy inequity between rural and urban areas and also between the developed and developing states. There are millions who are yet to be benefited from electricity in rural India. The scarcity of electricity in rural areas in comparison to urban areas seems to be biased in delivery through the centralized system.

While the urban-rural difference in energy supply could be reduced through renewable energy, it is more complex to overcome the widening gap between developed and not so developed states [2]. Current centralized energy planning of India is dependent on coal and fossil fuel sources.

The main concern arises on how to protect the fossil fuel for our coming generation with simultaneously utilizing the different resources of energy for high and sustained economic growth. Pressure to increase its energy supplies and the consequent negative environmental impact of fossil fuels has led India to a conscious policy toward renewable sources [3].

Current scenario of energy demand and supply demands the research and development activities in exploration of new reserves. There are huge amount of potential available in the renewable energy system which can be explored and harnessed to meet the energy demand.

The anticipated all India power supply position indicates that the country is expected to experience energy shortage of 6. There is a clear need to step up capacities and energy availability as the economy grows. The country has the fifth-largest power generation portfolio worldwide [5].

The dominance of coal in the energy mix is likely to continue in near future. Other renewables such as wind, geothermal, solar, and hydroelectricity represent a 2 percent share of the Indian fuel mix.

During recent years, the amount of energy produced by wind-driven turbines has increased rapidly due to considerable advancement in turbine technologies, making wind power economically compatible with conventional sources of energy.

Research paper on renewable energy resources

The use of wind power in India has been gaining importance with rapid installation in the last few years. Wind energy makes up the majority about 68 per cent [8] of the total renewable energy capacity installed in India. Some studies have estimated even higher potential ranges up to GW [9].

By the end of OctoberIndia had a total installed capacity of 19, megawatt MW [8], with 1, MW installed in The total wind power generation in was 23, The 12th Five Year Plan aims to install 15, MW between andwhich will almost double the total capacity of wind power in India [10].Research paper on energy conservation pdf Ecn it has long attracted interest, we review.

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Research paper on renewable energy resources

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Paper presents an argument for the need of renewable energy - specifically hydro power - in Iraq. Included is the summary of the energy consumption in the area, energy sources (both renewable and non-renewable) that are currently being used there.

Renewable Energy Technology research Paper ´╗┐Running Header: Research paper #1: Renewable Energy Technology At some point in time the world will ruin out of the fossil fuels and natural gases everyone uses to provide electricity and power What will happen when these resources run out?

There are resources everyone can use to substitute . You can conduct your research on storage of renewable energy because it is a very challenging issue in renewable energy.

Your research may end up solving age-long problem of energy storage. Can.

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