Writing and creativity

They start with the formats and types of items that require the most divergent and creative thinking.

Writing and creativity

Synopsis Creativity requires more than inspiration; it requires us to build skills and knowledge, to master the craft.

Writing and creativity

What exactly is creativity and how do we foster it? This is not only a question of interest to people involved in the arts. There is a lot of energy being dedicated toward its study in business and science. Recently I discovered an interesting overview of these efforts in this article: The whole piece is well worth reading, but this section jumped out at me: In the foreword, Jasmin explains the following: In many cases, people struggle to turn Writing and creativity dreams into a reality not because they lack ambition, motivation or imagination, but because they lack the necessary skills and knowledge.

Too few opportunities and bad luck are two other obstacles. These observations spoke to me for two reasons: I have experienced them directly myself and witnessed the effects of that roller coaster ride in the lives of dozens of friends and associates, as well as stories of countless others.

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As I wrote in this Business of Screenwriting post: What Fisher articulates here so clearly reflects a key sensibility I have brought to this blog from Day 1 of its inception: So when I read that phrase creativity-in-action, the proverbial penny dropped.

As far as writers in Hollywood are concerned, it strikes me that is precisely it. It is critical you stoke your creative fires. Yet creativity alone does not cut it. You may ride that wave to an initial success, but to sustain yourself as a writer in Hollywood, you need more than inspiration.

You need to master the craft. You need to immerse yourself in the worlds of cinema and TV. You need to develop discipline.

Writing and creativity

In other words, you need to know your shit. The thing is, this idea of creativity-in-action is right there in front of us whenever we watch a great movie or TV show.

For in those specific moments of brilliance where we are utterly wowed by the creative genius on display by the filmmakers or TV crew, we have to know and understand that literally thousands of hours of cumulative hard work studying and practicing the craft went into them.

As writers, we must revere and honor our creativity, and do what we can to nurture its vitality and ability to speak to us. But when it does burst forth into our consciousness, it is equally important for us to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to transform inspiration into a creative act.

Writing and the Creative Life is a weekly series in which we explore creativity from the practical to the psychological, the latest in brain science to a spiritual take on the subject.

Hopefully the more we understand about our creative self, the better we will become as writers. If you have any good reading material in this vein, please post in comments. If you have a particular observation you think readers will benefit from and you would like to explore in a guest post, email me.You will unlock your creativity through a series of exercises working with creative writing, memoir, free form drawing, photography, storytelling and mindfulness.

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Whatever may be our natural talents, the art of writing is not acquired all at once. Whether writing about past trauma, significant life events or empty-nest syndrome, we as writers feel compelled to put our experiences eloquently into words and share our stories with the world.

And creativity is our wellspring, the spark that ignites our writing.

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Although creativity can be defined. And as soon as you take this “formulaic approach” to writing music you are in serious trouble. to “piece together” chord progressions and second hand songwriting ideas is just a distraction from the wonderful creativity that streams through your mind all the time.

Because writing is a lot like meditation, the students tuned into themselves and thought more deeply about the issues, philosophies, and practices of their businesses. Writing bolsters creativity. Writing generates ideas.

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